Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Monday craziness

Okay okay.......not much crazy going on here. Yesterday was actually a pretty relaxing day (as relaxing as it can be with a 3 and 1 year old!) I went through Bryleigh's room getting rid of all the baby toys that she doesn't play with anymore, while doing that I found a Christmas present of hers that I forgot I put up for when she was a little bigger. It is the cutest little baby doll my parents got her and she loves it. I dread the day I have to go in and get rid of Kadens old toys, that boy has way to many!

Travis and I were inside making lunch and I look out the window and Kaden is driving his F150 power wheel up to the house with a bunch of 2x4s in the bed of his truck, We both started cracking up! What would you do if you seen a 3 year old little boy driving a power wheel full of 2x4s that are clearly way to big for it. He is our little country boy for sure. Once he was done hauling wood he decided to give his sister a ride and she loves that little truck.
Headband is from BubandBdesigns on Etsy!

My mailman probably thinks I'm insane because I probably checked my mail 3 times and then finally he decided to bring our mail at 2:30 in the afternoon!! Who's mail runs that late, anyway I have been waiting on these new prints I ordered one for the living room and one for Bryleigh's room to finish her collage wall and the letters to go on her onesie for her birthday pictures since the one she had was ruined. The rest of the day was just pretty regular went to the gym, stopped by Sams club went home cooked dinner and so on......but the kids were in bed by 7!!!! That never happens


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