Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Birthday, Bryleigh Rose

For some reason lately I have had barely anytime to blog, maybe because the weather has been so nice (minus the thunderstorms here and there) and my kids wanting to be outside 24/7! I had to take time and right about this special day though. Our baby girl is turning one! I remember this day last year like it was just yesterday, time sure flies by when your having fun and chasing after two little ones. Her party is not for another week since her birthday is the day before 4th of July and I figured people would be out of town for the holiday (she has one sweet birthday, I wonder how many years I can get away with telling her the fireworks are for her;)!). We chose to go with a pink ombre theme with gold sparkly accents and roses because her middle name is Rose and I love pink.

Age: 12 months 
Foods: turkey hot dogs, gold fish, fruit (watermelon. blueberries and clementines mostly) spaghetti this girl can inhale some spaghetti, loves ice cream and not a fan of green veggies. 
Activities: Running all over, following her brother and trying to play with whatever he is playing with. Favorite thing to do is swing and go to the water park. Always want to be outside as soon as you wake up you point to the backdoor to the swing set.
Favorite toys: Your wagon and lady bug, loves riding in the wagon and having Kaden push her around and climbing on er lady bug, she even figured out how to get it to move by herself. One of her favorite games is tossing the ball back and forth. 
Words: dada, hi, hey, daddy, mooooom (occasionally), hot. Whenever someone comes up that she gets excited to see she goes hey hey hey hey !
You have 3 teeth on the bottom and 1 on the top, also another one is starting to pop through on the top.
Bryleigh also has a temper! She can be the sweetest but as soon as something does not go her way she cries and when she is really mad she will do the high pitch scream it really will hurt your ears! Loves to give kisses which is the sweetest she leans in mouth wide open.
 My favorite thing would probably be mornings with her, before anyone else is awake it is just mommy and mini time and she loves to cuddle. Daddy also likes that she is starting to become a daddy's girl, always wanting to get on the mower with him and her big brother.

(I'm ONE!)

Aside from being a little spoiled (you can never spoil a baby right?!) you are the most amazing little girl I cannot believe a whole year has come and gone. Your dad and I love you so much you light up our whole world and anybody elses who meets you. You are so silly, loveable and fun. I'm excited to see what each new day brings with you and your brother. We love you so much Bryleigh Rose, I hope you have the best first birthday imaginable. 


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