Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Favorites

Yesterday I took the minis to Kings Island for a few, when we first got there it was just us three. It was so much fun getting to walk through the dinosaurs alive exhibit and just watch how their faces lit up. It was so cute towards the end Kaden walked over by a tree and said "mommy take my picture"

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Later on we met up with my mom and my brothers kids. The kids got to ride quite a few rides and we ran into my favorite cousins! It was a pretty fun day, Kaden and Kaylee (my cousins daughter and her and Kaden are only a few months apart) love being around each other......probably because they are just alike;)

When we got home Kaden found a water gun and before I knew it I was getting sprayed in the face with it! It turned into a water gun fight I would run and hide from him and jump out and take it and spray him and so on. We were outside when Travis got home from work so of course Kaden runs up and sprays him as he is getting out of his truck. 

Here lately Travis and I have been going on bike rides with a couple of his buddies and their wives. I love it we get to spend the day just him and I since we are on the bike, I love taking in all the scenery without a car window being in the way. I also feel like we have gotten even closer because before we would still have our date nights but he has always loved motorcycles and of course he likes that I love it too!

Have you seen anything cuter than this adorable bubble romper from Autumn and April children's boutique. I should be getting it any day now and I'm so excited for Bryleigh to wear it!

I've been looking for some cute clothes for Kaden for fall and maybe a couple more things to finish off the summer season. I love this sporty tee-ball top top for him....I love baseball tees and it fits perfectly because he starts t-ball in the fall! I also found the cutest camo owl backpack for him, how grown up is he going to look walking around with that?! All of the denim jackets and chambray so adorable and of course these kids are going to be wearing matching ones. They may just hate me when they are older for that but it is just too cute.

Happy Summer Everyone!


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