Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bryleigh's 1st Birthday Party

For B's first birthday I just stayed with a color scheme instead of going with a theme. All of the kids that were there left with a pretty good sugar high I'm sure! I made everything myself well except for the candy and marshmallows of course, we loved how everything turned out. For the adults we had cornhole set up and the kids got to swim and hang out at the bubble station. (Which my dad built in a few hours!) The weather didn't really want to cooperate at first it rained for a little bit and then it was sunny, but hot and humid and when it started to storm it was perfect timing to come in and do cake and presents. The kids didn't mind at all since they were already playing with bubbles and in the pool.

Lemonade and Pink Punch
[tissue tassel made by me]

 Apparently I needed a better marker

[birthday hat little blue olive] [tutu be you tiful creations]

 We made the mistake of taking the candle away! She kept using it like a spoon and I wanted to see her actually dig into the cake.......yeah no such luck she won with the candle. It was her party after all.
Still holding onto that candle
 The lighting in my house is awful

 I think this was the kids' favorite part, we went through a whole watermelon in about half an hour!
 We did have Sub sandwiches and chips for people to eat......they did not just get cake, cookies and candy. We ordered in the sub and just had a different variety of chips for everybody.

Everyone had such a good time and I am so grateful for our wonderful family and friends that came out to celebrate Bryleigh turning 1! And a big thanks to my mom for helping me get everything together and made in time and to my mother in law for picking up last minute things that I had forgot to pick up!


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