Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Zoo/Lake Day

This weekend was a blast, minus the part where I got burnt to a crisp at the water park on Saturday..........it is Tuesday and I am still burnt!! I use to never burn, but it hurts like hell! Sunday was a good day though we took the kids to the Cincinnati Zoo instead of the Indianapolis Zoo like we had planned. We went with our good friends Megan and Dustin. They don't have any kids yet but they love ours....I think;) The animals were all actually out that day usually when we go they are sleeping or hiding. We even got to see a baby giraffe cutest thing!

Checking out the lions

Monday was also a pretty productive day. My sister was released from the hospital and was allowed to head home so while we waited on her and her husband to make the trip back from North Carolina we all went to the lake. The kids had so much fun Kaden's lips were turning purple but he would not get out of the water. Bryleigh loved it too! I am seriously so blessed with some easy going kids they have fun with anything we do. 
We all enjoyed some good food on the picnic tables and then everyone decided to go for a swim. (except me because I was still burnt to a crisp!) Really only the kids went swimming we all just put our feet in the water luckily my nieces were there and they got in the water with Kaden and my nephew. 
It looked like a storm was starting to come in after a few hours so everyone came back to our house for some good food and to hangout.



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