Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We ate alligator and drank moonshine

Now that our vacation has come to an end it has been hard to get back into our regular routine. I'm still trying to catch up on laundry on top of cleaning and trying to get everything ready for Bryleigh's first birthday party.

Vacation Recap:
We arrived into Sevierville, Tennessee Sunday around 1ish and immediately unloaded all of our things and took them into the cabin and then took off on the bike. We headed toward Foothills Parkway because that's the road you take to get to Deals Gap (the tail of the dragon), we were also meeting my husbands friend/boss around that area. We rode around for a little bit and headed back to cabin. On the way back we got caught in the rain, if anybody has ever been caught in the rain on a motorcycle you know how horrible it is! Sometimes you will get hit with a few raindrops that feel like needles, not to mention it was pretty cold. Everyone went back to their cabins and put on some dry clothes and we got in the car so we could go to the grocery store.

Monday was a more eventful day we stopped and ate breakfast at a little place called Hillbilly restaurant, then we headed back towards Foothills parkway to ride the dragon. That is definitely a fun rode on a bike there are 318 curves in 11 miles! We got some great pictures on there too! (They have photographers set up in some of the curves, we took a little break at the little shop at the end of deals gap, relaxed for a few and then headed down moonshiner 28 which is just another good riding road that takes you down into Asheville, NC (I think that's where it goes too;)!) We ended up turning around and heading back towards Tennessee though, when we stopped at a gas station to bikes pulled up from the way we were heading and they were soaked! So we all decided to do the Cherohala Skyway instead which was a gorgeous view but we ended up getting rained on up there too! We weren't going to get away from the rain that day I guess. It was still fun, it wasn't a downpour like the first day so it wasn't to bad. Everyone was a little tired from being on the bikes all day so we went back to the cabin got changed and went into Gatlinburg for a few, dinner was at Dick's restaurant. Our waitress threw straws at us put them in my hair and told my husband he was drinking piss water when he ordered a beer! Hey we went there for that kind of service haha we ended up just getting an appetizer and some drinks! My husband and I decided to try the Wicked Gator which is just fried alligator tail and it was really good!! I have been seeing signs all over for the Smoky mountain moonshine so of course I had to go check it out after dinner. I got my husband to try some with me, we tried the cookies and cream and salty caramel and they were delicious! My husband tried the one that was just straight moonshine I sure am glad I didn't try that one his face got so red and he looked like he was about to be in tears!

 Fried Alligator!

My aunt just happened to be in Tennessee at the same time so we went to a place in Pigeon Forge that's called the Island and watched the fountains. These fountains were so amazing every half hour they do a show to music so the fountains are pretty much dancing to the music it was beautiful!

Tuesday we wanted to get an early start so we got up, got ready and headed towards Gatlinburg we rode up through the Smoky Mountains to the Blue Ridge Parkway. You talk about unbelievable views  it was so crazy up there, you look out and see mountains for miles. We rode all the way up to the highest elevation I think it was something like 6,053 ft. Which can be a little scary in the turns on a motorcycle but I got some awesome pictures on the way up there. We all stopped a few times on the parkway to take in the views and stretch a little bit. We all got back on the bikes and headed back towards the cabins. I wanted to go down to the island again so after we all relaxed a bit we decided to head down there. We had dinner at the Timberwood Grill talk about some fantastic BBQ and then we went to Dudes Daiquiris where I was one to many margaritas and the best raspberry Long Island ice tea! Once we had enough there we went over to Margaritaville it was only the second day they were open so it was pretty busy. We found a table out on the back patio and ordered a
Margarita and they give it to you in a cute little blender cup. I went back to the cabin after that and fell asleep, riding a motorcycle all day is exhausting.

We packed up everything Wednesday morning and headed home around noon. I was so excited to get home and see my babies:)!

It was a fantastic it time to go back yet?!


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