Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Total Chaos

This week I am watching my brothers kids for a few days. Four kids in my house all at once 4 and under with just me = total craziness! Actually yesterday when they were here it wasn't bad, my nephew and Kaden are best buds and they play so well together so pretty much all day they were either playing in Bubs room or outside (when it wasn't raining) and Bryleigh and Gracie are a year apart as well and they were playing for a little while together and then they kind of just did their own thing.

 They all had fun destroying Kaden's room and taking out every single toy

 Having four kids here really isn't so bad maybe I can talk my husband into two more;) He did tell me the other day he does want one more! That's a good sign because their for awhile he was fine with just the two.

I am seriously amazed at how well it actually went having all four of the kids together. The hardest part was probably just the meals because they all wanted something different, and naps....those were way off schedule I guess because of how loud it was in here. B usually naps around 11ish and she didn't go down for her nap until 2 and only slept for about 20 minutes until I went in and picked her up. Right as I picked her up she went right back to sleep on my shoulder, I had to hold her for the next hour and a half while she slept. Thank goodness for moby wraps and the boys letting me lay down with her on the couch for a few.

My brother got here early to pick the kids up so I was able to go to Travis' softball game. They ended up winning but I missed the end of the game. It started raining and I booked it to get the kids in the car especially since Bryleigh hasn't been feeling well lately I didn't want her getting even more sick.

I am going to be watching them until Thursday so wish me luck that it isn't total chaos at my house these next few days.


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