Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nervous || Vacation

I have been trying to get things ready around the house for mine and Travis' trip this weekend. We leave Sunday at 5 in the morning and I am beyond nervous! I have never been away from Kaden for longer then two days and Bryleigh just stayed the night at my parents house a couple of weeks ago just to see how she would do overnight. I'm excited to get away with my husband and I know my kids will be fine but I am definitely going to miss them the four days that we will be gone. They are going to be staying two nights with Travis' parents and then two nights with my parents. 

We got a cabin in Sevierville Tennessee. Travis has his bike at the dealer getting serviced before we leave and then we will be headed out with the bike on the trailer in tow. Its more of a trip for my husband because we are pretty much going to be on the motorcycle most of the time but I am excited for all the views and some good food. We plan on doing a lot of cooking at the cabin but we do have plans to go to a few restaurants. I am so excited to go to Dicks Last Resort restaurant, the service is supposedly awful and the waiters are very rude. Apparently its a super fun atmosphere and obviously its all fun and games with the staff being so rude.
 This is where we will be spending our time when we aren't out on the bikes:)
I'll be spending plenty of quality times with my babes before I leave them for four whole days:(
Today is also my last day watching my nephew and niece....I survived all four kids! 

Lunch hasn't heard of pants and the other doesn't know what a shirt is;)


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