Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday favorites

TGIF and Happy National Donut day!
 This week has flown by which is surprising because we really didn't do anything. I did get my house spotless though and that lasted for about 3 hours. My little tornadoes really like to make messes, B will at least attempt to put stuff up. I love how well they play together now that B is a little older, they love each other so much. It amazes me some of the faces they make look so much a like but they could not be more different. Now that summer is here we have been able to have more get togethers with family and friends and spend lots of time outside, the weather has been so amazing too not to hot for the kids to be outside and on the hot days we just go to the water park.

My favorite thing lately has been my necklace that just came in! I ordered it on etsy and I am in Love! My kids initials and a cross it is perfect:)

Here lately I have really been working on some crafts for Bryleigh's party. It has really snuck up on me I can't believe that her birthday is in less than a month! I am doing a pink ombre theme with some gold accents. Her hat and onsie arrived in the mail and her tutu is being made, I cannot wait to get it!

Kaden has been a little sweetheart lately. After my sisters surgery he was being all gentle when he would hug her and he keeps asking if it hurts. Normally he is all rough and tough. Here recently he has been a big daddy's boy he doesn't want to do anything unless daddy is around. I love seeing them out in the yard together, it's so funny because Kaden has to do everything his daddy does.

I am loving these applesauce's for the kids and they love them just as much. They are so nice and convenient although they can be a little messy when I give them to B. I have also been trying to give Bryleigh some formula for about a week now, she wants nothing to do with it! She takes the bottle and throws it, I am still breastfeeding in the morning and at night but I'm trying to wean her during the day, it's been pretty hard on us both. I do love my time with her but she was starting to just wiggle around everywhere and would not sit still while she was eating except in the morning!
I had to add a little bit of chocolate flavoring for her to drink the formula, before that she wouldn't take a bottle at all!!
My shop has been open for about two months now and I am getting so many new fabrics to make some new headbands. One of my favorites in the shop is this new top knot headband, I also made a Harley Davidson bow for B per my husbands request.


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