Friday, June 13, 2014

Five on Friday

Can we just talk about how nervous I am for Sunday...we take the kids to my Mother in Law Saturday night since we will be leaving so early Sunday morning. I know they will be in good hands though between my in laws and my parents and I know I will have a great time getting away with just my husband and I. The cabin we are staying in is beautiful you can see it here. I cannot wait to drink my morning coffee on the front porch and see gorgeous views while we are all on the bikes!

I went to a Matilda Jane trunk show last night.....seriously some of the cutest clothes but the dress I really liked for B didn't come in her size the smallest size was a 2t. Hopefully there will be another show soon:)

I was checking out groopdealz this morning and came across this tee! Last time I went to order it, it was already sold out:( So I jumped right on ordering it this morning, I cannot wait to get love for comfy tees is unreal especially with cute sayings on them!

My kids have been so sweet lately! I am loving all of the hugs and cuddles from Kaden...every morning he says can you lay in here with me mommy, there's no way I could say no so we enjoy some relaxing time before B gets up. She is always a little cuddler (is that even a word?!) but here lately she has been so ornery. She climbs up on our fireplace, it is raised up a bit and she just climbs right on up. Looks like we are going to have to get a big gate to go around it because the rubber guard and corner guards aren't going to help out on top! Stop it...she is only 11 months old!!

My new Etsy shop BubandBdesigns is starting to get some sells! I only opened up a few months ago but I have been trying to get a lot of options in the shop. My favorites are the new knotted headbands, I love the way they look on B. I am working on some new things for little boys too maybe some bow ties:) I love every second of working on new items to add so if anyone has any ideas or wants something custom let me know!



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