Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weekend madness || Mother's Day

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend especially all of you mamas. Hopefully there was a lot of relaxing, mani pedis and some family time.

Saturday it was storming and raining until about 2, when it actually cleared up I decided to take the kids to Kings Island. We had a blast, I got to ride the Woodstock express with Kaden while my mom watched Bryleigh. The Woodstock express originally known as the beastie is a roller coaster in kiddie land, to the kids it's a big roller coaster and Kaden loves it. As we took off he was so excited but as we started to go up the hill he got a little quiet and inched in closer to me......he was smiling and laughing the whole time. I love how every time it's over he says I want to do it again! Travis arrived just in time to ride with Bub. When we left KI we went to a cookout at my aunts house for a few.

 waiting on the train

Sunday (Mother's Day) I was up with B while Kaden and Travis slept....shouldn't I have been the one sleeping in;) We met up for brunch with my mom, my sister and her family and my brother and his family. The restaurant was sooo packed! We all talked, enjoyed good food and talked some more and occasionally had to get onto the kids for wrestling in the booths.

After we left the restaurant we headed home and I had about 10 minutes to myself to relax on the couch until Travis texted me to come outside, he had tied Kaden's power-wheel to the back of the mower (he had the blades and everything up) Kaden was cracking up! Hey we live in the country folks it's what we do for fun....well what my husband and son do for fun.

Around 4 we went up to my sisters house with the rest of my family for a Mother's Day cook out. My dad even made it in town in time (he was out of town for work). I always love getting together with my family we have so much fun!

Playing corn hole with papaw, really she would sneak up behind people playing and try to steal the bags!

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