Wednesday, May 14, 2014

3 1/2 years

Kaden David I can't believe that 3 1/2 years has already come and gone so fast. I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. 
Now looking at you, you have grown into such a smart and caring little are so so so smart you can figure anything out. We could never use child locks with you because you would have them broken or know how to use them in a day or two.
You are so ornery and can be a little terror but that is just you. Sometimes I have to remember that your only 3 years old because I get so frustrated when you don't listen to me especially when I have told you for the 10th time!!

Age: 3 1/2 years
Clothes: in a size 4t can wear some 5t's. You love anything with motorcycles or big trucks on them. You like to dress yourself and you usually come out with your underwear on backwards and a pair of swimming trunks. Sometimes you still let me help you get dressed...that's mostly when your tired.
Favorite foods: You go through days where you will eat a lot and then sometimes its a fight to get you to eat anything. You would just drink chocolate milk all day if we would let you. You love Popsicles, chicken nuggets and chicken. Fruit is your favorite.
Activities: You love to be outside and I love when we get to go outside because you act so much better when you get to burn off all of your energy. Your favorite toys are your tractors and trucks. When your outside you are always in your power-wheel or on the swing set. Unless daddy is home then you are wherever he is and doing whatever he is doing. You are definitely daddy's mini me you love mowing the grass with him especially when he lets you drive (of course sitting on his lap). You always have to be like daddy:)
You made a new friend on our street. All I hear during the day now "can I go to Carter's" so when daddy gets home sometimes he will take you to Carter's. 
Very outspoken you definitely will tell us if something is old or yucky (in Kaden's words) and it is so funny when you do! 
The other day when you were outside working on the pond with daddy you caught a frog, you were so excited. We let you carry it around in an old coffee can until you let it loose in the house!! Luckily we caught it right away....well Travis caught it right away.
You love your sister so much and she loves you too, but you have days where you can be so nice to her and the next your pretty mean to her. I hope you guys always stay as close as you are now. 
I love when you tell me "how about we do this" or "come on mommy lets do these". It's so crazy to me that I can sit and have actual conversations with you, I could sit and listen to your stories for hours.
You always want a mail hock (mo hock). You will grab the hair gel and ask me or your dad to give you a mail hock its too funny!

 Kaden Mommy loves you so much! You bring me so much joy everyday (and occasionally make me want to pull my hair out) but I wouldn't have it any other way.


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