Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Park dates and ice cream cones

Ah it was such a beautiful Tuesday. We ended up meeting up with one of my friends that I have known for years, I think we met when I was 10! She has a little boy who is a year older then Kaden, they always have so much fun together. We took them to a park in town and they played and played and played for hours. They had a blast I think they missed each other since we all haven't had any play dates in a few months (we both like to hibernate in the winter).

 Yes he is barefoot, I tried and tried to keep his shoes on him.

 She was a little unsure of the tall grass, it was harder for her to walk in

We sat on the bench in the middle of the park and just watched the boys run back and forth from slide to slide and then to the swings. They were having a blast! Bryleigh was walking all over in the grass and as I sit and watch them I am so glad I decided to  take them to the park instead of clean the house. It is these moments that I will never get back and I love watching how excited they get when they are outside. Oh the joy of a 3 year old little boy running up a slide and then sliding back down. We did have to get onto them a couple times though they would fill their shoes with rocks and then as each would slide down, here would come the rocks being poured out of the shoe!

Bryleigh is so happy when she is outside, she loves to swing and play in the grass. I took her down one of the little slides and she loved that!

Their is the cutest ice cream shop here in town and its in walking distance from the park! We grabbed the kids and started walking to Miranda's Old time ice cream shop. It was so good, I got the buckeye classic and it had pieces of actual buckeyes in it and Kaden got the orange sherbert and the lady put little googly eyes on the boys' ice cream cones for them, they were so excited they kept showing each other their eyes. Of course when Kaden finished his he came and stole mine (I didn't want it anyway Kaden, insert sarcasm) lol he is lucky he is a cutie;)

 He ate the eyes before I could get a picture

B fell asleep while we were waiting to get our ice cream

 After enjoying the ice cream cones we went back to the park for about an hour and a half. Kaden sure did sleep good that night after such an eventful day after the park we had to go to Travis' softball game so of course he was playing at the park there too!


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