Monday, May 19, 2014

Our weekend in Photos

Nothing to exciting happened this weekend it was more of just relaxing around the house and spending time with friends and family.
Saturday Kaden went to run jump and play with his grandma (my mother in law) and Bryleigh and me just lounged around the house until Kaden got home and then shortly after Travis got home from work. Travis got home and immediately Kaden wanted to mow the grass. He loves John Deere and he is always wanting to play on the mower, the grass needed mowed anyway so while we waited for our good friends to arrive for dinner the boys mowed the grass and I knocked out a load of laundry.....yep super fun Saturday night. It did turn out to be a good night with good food, lots of talking and laughing and watching a movie.

Sunday was much more exciting, we had our friends over again (they are more like family) and we all decided we wanted to go to Youngs Dairy Farm. The kids had a blast Kaden]of course loved the tractors and Bryleigh liked the animals, she kept wanting to pet the goats. We let the kids see the animals and we got there at the time they were milking the cows......I felt like I could relate with the poor things with how much I've been using my pump lately with starting to ween B. Kaden wanted to go play in the kids area so we went up there, you pay $3.50 for a wrist band and he could play in there all day. They had a bounce house, slides, bikes, tractors and a big pool of corn...yep a big pool of corn. Once he got tired of that area we went and got some ice cream. It was so good I got sea salty chocolate covered pretzel and Kaden wanted some kind of mixed berry with cheesecake in it. It ended up being a really nice day and of course we had a lot of fun.


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