Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day weekend

I'm doing our weekend post a little late, I've been pretty busy. But we did have a pretty nice and calm Memorial Day weekend. Saturday I took the kids to the water park at Kings Island and I sure am glad my mom ended up going with me trying to stay in the shallow area with B was a little hard when Kaden was taking off in the deep end! Like I said before last year was much easier Bryleigh was a newborn so I could watch her sleep while Kaden played in the shallow area in front of me. It was such a beautiful day though and we had so much fun!

Sunday we went and had family pictures done by South photography she does an amazing job! I was so excited to see a sneak peak of our pictures and I can't wait to get the rest back. After pictures we came home and got everything ready for a cookout with my in laws and kind of a little mini birthday party for Travis' Grandma. It was nice getting to spend some time with them. Later on we went to a neighbors house who was having games and a fire and drinks for the neighborhood. We also learned that we have been getting left out of fun activities around the neighborhood (although we didn't know them all around Christmas time ;)) they did a little thing where they went from house to house and one would have appetizers one would have the meal and so on, I thought that was so neat!

walking to the neighbors

Monday the kids and I went down in town for a little early morning park date before the Memorial Day parade started. You know you live in a small town when the parade was literally 5 minutes and there was a riding lawn mower in it!


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