Friday, May 9, 2014

Lovin on Friday

Thank goodness its Friday and how about this gorgeous weather we have had the past few days......Yesterday was another beautiful day, we soaked up every bit of the warm (actually hot, it was 80!) weather and the sun .

I don't know how many times I heard "just one more time" when Kaden wanted to play with the water hose, I can't say no because he just says it so cute. So I held the water hose on the slide one more time (try like 100 more times;)) The smile on his face was just so sweet, he is such a happy little boy. I also love that we can take the highchair out for B for meals now now that it is so nice out. Easy clean up just wipe her up and were good to go. They were eating popsicles and it was so nice not having red juice all over the carpet although I did have a stained up little baby and a 3 year old with a red belly. All I heard for the rest of the day "can I have another pasicle! (Popsicle) He could kill a whole box of them in a day !

 He really did like his Popsicle even though it looks like he doesn't

I'm also loving all of the summer dresses and rompers that are out right now I am loving this Adorable romper she is just the cutest walking around in them. I am loving this dressAnd this
the stores are really making some cute things this if only I had a million dollars to blow at all of them!

I cannot wait to get these to put in all of our drinks this summer. I am definitely looking forward to any kind of drink with pineapple ice cubes, they make me want to have a get together just so I can use them:)

I hope everyone has a fantastic Mother's Day weekend. We are going to be spending Sunday getting family pictures and having picnics and lounging around the house. Sounds like a good day to me!

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