Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Happy Memorial Day weekend. Today was such a beautiful day. Travis and I took the kids to my parents house for a few hours and went for a cruise on the bike. We rode out to a place called Serpent Mound its an old Indian burial site, it sounded much cooler then it actually was. So we didn't stay there to long, there was some gorgeous scenery on theway out there though. A long day of riding sure does make you tired I could have came home and went to bed, I think I'll help Travis out with making the pond look better (or sit and watch him lay all the mulch out around it:))

Target has so many cute things out right now for Bryleigh and Myself. I am loving all their new maxi dresses for me especially this one. I just think B is going to look so cute walking around in this adorable star tie tank with a pair of little blue jean shorts and a top knot headband!

I don't really have much luck at target for Kaden's clothes besides a shirt here or there, I usually opt for Carter's or Gap for him. He has been all about his daddy lately so this cute shirt goes perfect. These little boys shorts are seriously the cutest thing ever for the 4th of July, Kaden will be sporting them this summer.

Another thing I am loving is this new drink I found on Pinterest....oh what would I do without Pinterest. It has 2 of my favorite things in it coconut and watermelon so you know it is going to be delicious! Coconut Watermelon Margarita

I just had to throw in a picture of this cutie! I wish her brother was as easy to get a picture of.

Kings Island water park opens tomorrow. If the weather is nice that is where we will be. We will see how it goes chasing after two kids this year, last year Bryleigh was a newborn so she just laid in the shade and napped most of the time. Hopefully tomorrow goes well and the rest of the weekend is going to be filled with cookouts and spending time relaxing and enjoying a drink or two. Have a wonderful weekend!


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