Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Favorites || Weekend Plans

This week has been a crazy one! My sister and her family went on vacation to North Carolina to visit my Brother in Laws dad and step mom and while they were down there my sister ended up having to to go the hospital and she just had surgery yesterday. I am hoping that she gets to come home this weekend. Although she said she is enjoying the piece and quiet. She has three girls so her house is always pretty loud and chaotic.....but then again so is my house! 

On a much happier note I am taking the kids to the water park tomorrow with my nieces (my sisters girls) and my mama. It should be a fun day full of lots of sun and laughter. Sunday Travis and I are taking the kids to the Indianapolis Zoo, we have never been to that Zoo so we are all pretty excited.

Today was a pretty exciting day Bryleigh's Birthday party hat arrived from Little Blue Olive and it is even cuter than I imagined! She is going to look so cute wearing that in her birthday pictures with her smash cake!
How cute is this watermelon shirt. Of course when I went on the website to order it, it was already sold out!! I was just asking them when it was going to be available and it sold out the same day they put it up:(  I am on the email list for when it is available again though so hopefully I will be able to get it soon.
The days have been so nice here 80 degree weather can make anybody happy especially me, I can let the kids play outside and wear out all their energy and B even slept in this morning. Score!
I hope everyone has a fantastic fun filled weekend:)
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