Thursday, April 24, 2014

Somewhere sunny and 75

The weather here has been so beautiful lately, I wish it were a little warmer but hey I'm not going to complain if the temperature is above 55! We have been enjoying the outdoors after being cooped up inside for so long with cabin fever. Kaden wakes up and walks out of his room fully dressed ready to go out. The swing set gets used everyday, multiple times a day I hear "mommy can you push me" of course I can't say no so off to the swings we go. Sidewalk chalk has also been a favorite lately I drew some chalk roads and bub ran in and grabbed some of his trucks and cars he loved driving on them!

 Cowboy boots and jeans, it is all he will wear anymore

I can't believe this little babe is already walking?!! It's so bittersweet, where did my little baby go 

chunky legs and cowgirl boots:)

I am hoping this weather is here to stay and hopefully all of our colds will go away soon and stay away. I think it is supposed to rain tomorrow but this weekend is going to be Sunny and 75! I think some picnics and park dates are in store for this weekend:)


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