Monday, April 14, 2014

Our weekend in Photos

Friday night bub had a little sleepover with his cousin Kayla. To say that was an exhausting night would be an understatement. For one she stayed up until almost 2 in the morning!! We are normally in bed between 930-11 depending on what kind of day we have had but we like the kids to be in bed no later then 9 especially since B still gets up once in the middle of the night to eat. The sleepover did not go as well as I thought it would, normally Kaden and Kayla have a lot of fun together but they fought the whole time! I don't even think I could count how many times I heard "I'm never coming back here again", and Kaden told me he said "I don't want her to stay here, call grandma". I'm not sure if I am ready for anymore sleepovers anytime soon.

Saturday ended up being a beautiful and more eventful day. A local church put on an Easter event and I took the kids along with my mom and niece. The kids had to go from room to room and they would learn about Jesus and everything he had done for them, after all that was over they handed out cinnamon apple crescent rolls for this kids (bub really liked those he had one and then he seen someone with more and went and grabbed two more!) and then it was time for the egg hunt! I loved seeing how excited Kaden got for the Easter egg hunt, he was standing behind the rope ready to take off as soon as they said everyone could start picking up Easter eggs he flew under that rope picking up as many eggs that he could fit in his basket. His basket was full within 2 minutes tops! We ran over to where we had to give the eggs back he emptied all of the candy out of his eggs and threw it all on his basket and took the eggs up where they needed to go, he was being so good. My niece was in a different area so when we were finished we walked over to meet them. Jaden had a big bag full of candy and B was just sitting in the grass playing with an Easter egg, I think she had a lot of fun too;)

 He was so excited about the crown he made

Sunday a good friend of ours' daughter was turning six so we all went to Dave and Busters for her birthday party. Kaden loves that place, he runs around trying to play every game he possibly can.

 I am so glad I captured this moment

They both had a blast and fell asleep in the way home.


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