Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Plans, baskets and goodies

Time is flying by I cannot believe Easter is this weekend! We have big plans the whole weekend, Kings Island opens up tomorrow and we are taking the kids, Saturday a local farm is doing some fun Easter festivities and an Easter egg hunt and Easter Sunday is going to be low key at home with brunch and an egg hunt. I have been saying for months I hope Bryleigh is walking by Easter, I am so excited to see her walk around in her Easter dress (even if it is just a few steps;))

Even though we all have colds and aren't feeling to hot that isn't going to stop us from having an awesome and very festive Easter weekend. I still have a few more small things to pick up to put in the kids' Easter baskets but for the most part they are done.  I picked up these eggs a few weeks ago at target and love how they look in the baskets. Pink and purple for B and yellow and orange for Bub. I am still trying to figure out what else to put in their baskets to fill their eggs but so far I have put some leggings in little miss B's and some candy in Bubs. I love this shirt I ordered for Kaden, he is always singing the song so the shirt went perfectly for him and the holiday.

I am looking forward to a weekend of good food, bunny bait (white chocolate popcorn with all kinds of goodies mixed in) some chocolate dipped peeps and some carrot cake cupcakes Yum! Thought I would share with y'all all the goodies I have put in my little ones baskets (they are not completely finished I have to go out today and pick up a few more things)


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