Monday, April 28, 2014

A weekend in photos

Happy Monday Y'all

It is a stormy Monday here so it is going to be a relaxing Monday of watching movies with Travis and the kiddos. 

We had a pretty good weekend, Friday Kaden was pretty excited because Travis went to Lowes and got a new John Deere, he looked at other brands but he knew Bub wouldn't be happy. He loves John Deere that is all he talks about now! He is always wanting to ride it, B even went for a ride....I know exciting stuff folks.

I didn't get a picture of Kaden yet he ended up staying the night with my parents that night.

Saturday was a more eventful day we took the kids to the most crowded place in Ohio....Kings Island. I think the crowd gets worse and worse every. We still always get passes because Kaden loves it, and I love seeing his face light up on every ride. He is still not sure why he can't ride the big rides, he asks every time (he isn't afraid of anything it kind of scares me!) We stopped and got Kaden and my nephew an ice cream cone when we left and then headed home. Once Travis got home we had a couple of our good friends over for a cookout and fire. It was a night of good food, lots of swinging, power wheels and a fire. Let the grilling season begin:) 

 Kaden and his cousin Kaylee

 They took off running holding hands

 He climbed in my cousins stroller and went to sleep, I was wondering why he was being so quiet.

and of course more sidewalk chalk

Sunday started out being a good day it was nice and sunny. Travis and I were going to go for a bike ride.......and then as I'm getting Bryleigh out of her crib after her nap I hear out the window whoa whoa whoa!!!!!! I didn't think anything of it.....Go outside and Travis' motorcycle had just gotten run over by a dump truck luckily he caught it in time so it was still drivable but it needs a lot of body work now. That didn't ruin our day though we went for a cruise with some of my husbands buddies on the bikes and my Mother in Law and her husband ended up going on theirs to so it turned out to be a fun and beautiful day. Now to tackle this stormy Monday.......or just play with the kids and watch movies all day. 


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