Friday, April 11, 2014

9 months

Bryleigh Rose where do I are such an amazing baby girl. Your smile just puts a smile on anyone's face, you get attention anywhere and everywhere we go, literally everywhere! I love seeing the new things you do each and everyday, you're always surprising us. I love your sweet personality and the way you lean in for kisses with your mouth wide open (slobber and all ;))! I love our morning cuddles (when you sit still). When you want something you have to have it right then and there or otherwise the temper comes out, I mean full on screams and if you don't want something that we hand you, you just chuck it!

Age: 9 months
Favorite foods:
You eat just about anything, really liking toast right now, that is probably a favorite! You also like avocados, eggs, any fruit (bananas, strawberries and clementines are your fave), yogurt, salad, oatmeal. still nursing but anytime there is a sippy cup left by bub it is in your hands and your drinking it, so we have to keep those picked up since they usually always have milk in them. You would rather drink out of a straw then anything else.
Clothes: there are so many cute summer dresses out right now and I got the cutest little navy shorts with white polka dots at babygap. Wearing 12 months right now. Loving clothes anytime there are any in a basket you are playing in it tearing them out crawling around with them or playing peek a boo, you love peek a boo.
Activities: crawling everywhere super quickly!! Took 8 steps 2 days before turning 9 months! Loves going for walks, hates the car seat. Your a dancer anytime music comes on you are rocking back and forth and moving your shoulders, cutest thing ever! Will never sit still unless sleeping. You try to play with Kaden but sometimes he doesn't like his little sister touching his toys. Already knows how to get bubba in trouble, anytime he does something to you even if its just take his toy back you scream and cry with the most pitiful look on your face.
 I love when you get so excited for anything and start clapping your hands and when we say yay! you get even more excited:)
Very photogenic anytime there is a camera you look right at it and smile.
Weight: 20lbs
Length: 27in,

A tooth has finally popped through. I would always joke B was going to be toothless on her first birthday but not now!

 Fresh out of the bath

 This is the best picture we could get, wouldn't quit crawling away

 B I am so blessed to be your mommy you are the most wonderful, sweet and perfect little babe. I love you more then life itself:)


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