Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rainy days and toddler tales

Rainy days call for movies lots of coloring and trying to get some cleaning done as Kaden goes right behind me like a tornado and tears out everything I just put away, Bryleigh is starting to pick up on that too!

B got a hold of Kaden's coloring book and tore out all the pages and Kaden decided he needed 10 books to read at once!

 We are all battling colds some more than others right now Bryleigh has the worst one, poor baby was up all night coughing and Kaden had a really bad cough over the weekend. It's a cough syrup and lots of tissues kind of day. Hopefully no more puke though, yesterday I was sitting on the couch feeding Bryleigh and all of a sudden she raised up and puked everywhere all over me, herself and the couch. She just looked up at me and then smiled, bless her heart. It was time for a bath after that incident and the warm water probably made her feel better. She is still probably the happiest baby around even with her constant runny nose and cough.

Since it is pouring out we won't be going anywhere I'm sure I will be hearing some more stories today of something that Kaden has done but he says "Molly did it" Molly is our dog so I doubt that she got in the freezer and got a spoon and was eating ice cream out of the carton. He has been blaming a lot on the dog lately but when he covered her in shaving cream yesterday while I was in the shower.....yeah he could not blame that on her. It was pretty funny but he had to sit in time out. I'm sure there will be more stories today of things that the dog supposedly did but right now were going to go read some books, color and listen to whatever stories Kaden comes up with today:)


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