Monday, March 24, 2014

Our weekend

Friday night when my husband got off work instead of the usual going to the gym we went for a ride on his new motorcycle. He had one when we first got together and we use to go riding all the time. I remember him picking me up from school and we would spend hours out on that thing. When we moved into our first house he sold it so we could buy furniture and everything else we needed for the house. It was definitely more fun back when I was younger and did not have two children to think about. I was a little terrified riding down the country roads we use to go down daily. I did however forget how peaceful it is, I just hold on and take in my surroundings. Out in the country Ohio truly is beautiful. I didn't get any pictures while we were on the bike, next time I will while we are stopped.
 Straight gnawing on that pretzel on our walk! She has gums of steel because there are still no teeth in there

Saturday was just a lazy day. We just stayed in and straightened up the house and watched movies until Travis got home from work.
 Travis got home late so Kaden and I enjoyed a dinner just the two of us and this honey lime chicken was so good! 
She likes lemon lime water

Sunday we went to outback for my dad's birthday dinner since he was out of town on his actual birthday, which was St. Patty's Day! I got steak and shrimp and probably ate my weight in all the food we also ended up getting a blooming onion because they are delicious and we had birthday cake....surprised I didn't have to get rolled out of there!

 That was a kids cheeseburger!
my lovely niece Jenna

After lunch Travis and I went to the peddlers mall in our hometown it was an overpriced flea market! I really wish I would have gotten a picture but there was a piece of wood (literally just a piece of wood that someone probably had lying around) the people were trying to sell it for $65!!!! Seriously for a piece of raggedy wood?! We left there and went to my beloved target:) I found and awesome mirror and a pouf ottoman thing for B's room and together they were like $20!! I was definitely excited.
 Apparently she was tired of looking at me

 They look perfect in her room:)


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