Friday, March 28, 2014

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The other day I was reading a blog about SAHM's, it wasn't like any post I've seen before. I can't remember the name of it because I came across it while reading another blog, the girl was talking about how she dislikes other blogging moms, the ones with the houses who are never messy (at least not in their pictures) but they post a picture of a super clean house and say my house is sooo dirty! As I was reading it and looking around my house it was clean only because my little tornado was still asleep. It did get me thinking though, my house doesn't need to be spotless everyday. All that matters is the time I spend with my kids and making their childhood as amazing as I possibly can.

The girl also talked about how other women put up things like ugh I look like such a mess as they take pictures in brand new lingerie pajamas. As I write this in my leggings and tee I think of all the things this girl was talking about. Some days I'm lucky if I even get to fix my hair or get out of my pajamas until 3 in the afternoon. I would rather be playing peek a boo or with hot wheels then getting all dolled up to sit around the house (since it has been so cold lately). I'm always telling myself the house does not need to be spotless we live here, there are two children who play here. My husband is always telling me to sit down and relax, to quit cleaning but I really feel like I have anxiety when my house is messy especially when I have people coming over. Does anyone else have this problem?

Some how this turned into a post about cleaning house, what I am really trying to write is I think we all get caught up in looking perfect online and forgetting reality. I love having toys lay all over my house (except when I step on one, usually a curse word or two comes out) it reminds me of the two adorable kiddos running around my house even when they are napping.

 Normal day around here
 Bryleigh likes to take those books out of the basket and throw them all around
 Usually the toys are all out of the basket and that area is a mess
 I always seem to step on these things!!


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