Friday, March 14, 2014

Mixed up Ohio

Cincinnati is a great place to live for activities for the whole family there is always something to do. The weather on the other hand I could do without! Tuesday it was nice and sunny and a cool 60 something degrees, the kids and I were able to get out and go for a walk, went and visited my parents, had the windows down sunroof open it was such a nice day. I ended up taking my dad some lunch when he was at a buddies house and I came back to their house with one less kid. Of course Kaden said "I don't want to leave" he wanted to stay with his papaw so I'm not going to tell him no, he loves his papaw.

 "Look I'm Daddy" said Kaden
 On our walk, no pictures of Kaden since he escaped with my dad
 She enjoyed the sunshine.
Wednesday it was snowing?! Yes snowing right after a beautiful warm day:( I guess OH just wanted to tease us and make us think spring was here. Since it was cold and snowy  Kaden and I had to resort to baking shamrock shaped cookies. I know tragedy right;) I just used some leftover dough that I had from the Valentines Day cookies that I had frozen, I personally do not think the cookies taste as good after the dough has been frozen but that is just my opinion.

 I'm hoping this weekend brings on some nice weather we have big plans for the kiddos. We're taking them to the Circus! I'm so excited Kaden has been yelling at the TV "I want to go there" every time he sees the commercial. Maybe we might even be able to have a picnic outside!


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