Thursday, March 20, 2014

Circus Circus

Happy First Day of Spring!!! I'm loving the sun shining and the not so freezing weather, but I am beyond ready for at least some 75 degree weather so I can sit on the back porch, enjoy my coffee or lemonade and watch the kids play.

With all the chaos of this week from St. Patrick's Day to now being over the top excited for Easter festivities I completely forgot to post about going to the circus on Saturday! We took Kaden to the circus a couple of years ago and he had fun throughout the beginning but he ended up falling asleep. This year he had way more fun he got a snow cone, some cotton candy and popcorn he was all sugared up! (is that even a word?!) can you believe they charge $14 for a thing of cotton candy! I hope he enjoyed that overpriced sugar although he said his favorite was the elephants. Bryleigh didn't really seem to thrilled she was more upset because she threw her paci walking into the circus and we didn't know it until we went to sit down!! That was definitely going to be a shit storm, she was already starting to get restless when the circus started no animals, bright lights or clowns was going to calm her down. Luckily I found a sucker in the diaper bag, that was her first sucker so that kept her good for a while and there was no taking it from her she had a death grip on that thing.

I love seeing Kaden light up when we take him to events like that, hopefully the next time we go Bryleigh will enjoy it too! For now no more events without at least 2 pacis in the diaper bag;)

He got some tattoos

 cotton candy face

 loving her sucker
 he got binoculars (noculars as he says)


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