Monday, March 3, 2014

All about Bryleigh at 8 months

I can not believe I am righting a post about my daughter being 8 months old already. It seems like time goes by faster with your second child, although I feel like it flew by with Kaden too. I just try to soak up every little thing they do during the day and take way to many pictures;)

Age: 8 months
Favorite Foods: She will eat just about anything (yogurt, sweet potatoes, applesauce bananas, Cheerios are just some of her favorites) actually a funny story about her eating habits we were all sitting in the dining room floor having a family picnic and I had made some sweet potato fries to go with our homemade chicken tenders, Kadens plate was sitting pretty close to Bryleigh and she just reaches on over and grabs a fry and stuffs it in her mouth like its nothing! I didn't let her eat the whole thing at once in fear of her getting choked but I did let her have pieces and she loved them! She swallowed some of them whole I guess so she could get some more before they were all gone.
Clothes: Starting to wear 12 month sizes but can still wear 9 months. My favorite stores for her are baby gap, Carter's, old navy and target. I just went and picked up the kids a couple of swimming suits for summer and got B the cutest bathing suit. A girl can never have enough swim suits.
Activities: Crawling all over the house, loves playing peekaboo, she will take her blanket and put it in front of her face and bring it down when you say peek a boo! She also likes playing with her activity cube and tearing everything out of the diaper bag 100 times a day. She loves when Kaden sings Jesus loves me to her and it is the cutest thing when he sings it.
For some odd reason she is obsessed with socks anytime she sees one I have to run and get it before she does because she will pick them up and play with them and put them in her mouth, unless they are clean and then it let her play with them but I don't know why she likes socks so much it never fails if she spot one she goes straight for it.
One of my favorite things that she is doing right now besides when she plays peek a boo with her blankies is she will start giggling and then throw her head back and laugh some more it seriously will make you start cracking up yourself! She also does this thing where she kind of grunt yells at us any time I get ready to nurse her or put her in her high chair without food in front of her already she does it, I guess she is telling me I'm not feeding her fast enough she likes when you do it back to her to she starts giggling:)
Still trying to get her to say mama but she just smiles real big when I say it.
One of my proudest moments and I would say her dads to she is starting to stand now not just pulling herself up on things but she will go from sitting on the floor to just standing straight up and stay there for a few seconds, she thinks it's funny when we're sitting on the couch she comes over and pulls herself up right in front of you and just starts laughing. B is seriously one of the most happy, amazing and funny babies. Want to see more of this little cutie and her big brother follow me on Instagram @arharrison2

 Tearing the diaper bag apart

 she decided to reach over and smudge the chalk board


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