Thursday, February 20, 2014

What the kids are eating

I have ate mostly healthy my entire life. I will occasionally cave into my major sweet tooth with a cupcake, cookie or my favorite birthday cake and ice cream! Travis and I are trying to pass it on to our kids to eat healthy and we ended up getting super lucky with Kaden, he would pick fruit over a doughnut any day. Now that we are introducing new foods to Bryleigh she seems to really like her fruits and veggies too! I thought I would share what the kiddos are eating during the day.

Kaden occasionally will get up and eat breakfast there for a while the only thing I could get him to eat was dinosaur oatmeal but he this morning he wanted waffles. He had waffles, some blackberries and a clementine.
Lunch we usually try to make it fun this particular day was a little while ago but we had baseball theme!
His dinner was apples, homemade nuggets and some black beans

 He really likes chicken so we made him some more chicken with cous cous and corn

Bryleigh is eating a lot more variety of things now. 
For breakfast she will usually nurse and then have a little bit of some applesauce, bananas and cheerios.
 She loves her some cheerios!
I like to make her baby food myself and this is some carrots and sweet potatoes she devoured all of it
Kaden and I like to share a bowl of fruit for a snack and he could kill that whole thing by himself
When I make pancakes he also likes to share those, food must taste better on mommies plate:)
I made whole wheat pancakes topped with some peanut butter (I've always ate peanut butter on my pancakes glad Kaden has a major love for PB too) bananas and a little bit of SF syrup.


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