Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had a three day weekend, those are always the best! On Saturday we had some pretty awesome weather compared to what we have been getting, it was almost 50 out and it felt like spring after having -17 degree temperatures. We took full advantage and went to the outlet I got the kids some summer clothes and a few things that were marked down for next winter. I hope they come out with some more Spring and Summer clothes because I wasn't to impressed with what was out right now so I only got a few things. After the outlet we went to Target I was amazed I actually got my husband to stay in Target then 5 minutes, normally he is saying come on get what you need so we can go. It also didn't help last time we were in there the workers were asking where the kids were, (we were on our way home from the gym so they were with my parents) but anyway my husband thinks I go to target way to much and that kind of proved his point! The rest of Saturday was just a relaxing night we watched the movie Bad Grandpa, I would wait until the kids go to bed to watch this one but some parts of it were hilarious. We've never really been a fan of Johnny Knoxville movies but we kept hearing about that one so we thought we would watch it.

 He blinked right when I took the picture
 Oh the life, she loves Target;)

Sunday we spent the day getting the house cleaned up, we had people over for Superbowl and then my house was a mess again, well my kitchen was! Did anybody watch all of the commercials since the game was terrible, my favorites were the Dale call and the Clydesdale and golden retriever puppy ones. It was a good time and I ate way to much! Kaden went to the Great Wolf Lodge with my mom niece and nephew I figured he would have more fun there then watching a football game and he did! 

My husband has Mondays off so we took a trip to the Honda dealership and Ikea. My husband is looking for a new bike so he stopped there on our way to Ikea. I always have the longest list of things that I want every time I leave that store! I found plenty of things I am going to go back and get the kids. They had the cutest little bed I think Kaden would love it was perfect for a little boy but his crib turns into a full size so we aren't buying any new beds we spent the extra money on that crib so we wouldn't have to buy any new beds anytime soon. We will be turning his bed into a full size when we get started on his big boy room right now it is a day bed. 
  She loves giving kisses it is one of her new things!
Pounding on the table, I think she wanted some more food!


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