Wednesday, February 19, 2014

V-Day and the weekend

This year we spent Valentines at home we didn't go out to dinner, I'm glad we didn't have plans to either we ended up getting some pretty bad weather that night. I made dinner and the hubs Kaden and I all ate together. Travis brought home some gifts for the kids and I. I was so excited when he walked in with one of the baskets from target that I have been wanting for forever, and of course some chocolate :) Kaden got a cute chocolate tool set which he wanted to eat the entire thing in one night, we put a stop to that idea Bryleigh got a cute little monkey with little hearts all over it. They didn't get toys this year like we usually pick up for the gifting holidays because we said no toys except for Christmas and Birthdays our house has become over run by toys! So we are getting rid of some before we bring anymore in.

 Kaden's Valentines lunch
 We made plenty of sweets

 My basket Travis got me:)
That wall is now white thanks to the hubs:)!!
 she was yelling at me for more food

On Saturday I went out shopping with my mom I got the kids some V-Day books on sale and went to the outlet mall to see what kinds of cute spring clothes are out. The Sperry store had the cutest little shoes for Bryleigh I wasn't going to get them because I had just ordered her a pair of Sperrys from Nordstrom but they were to cute to pass up.  Now I need to go get Kaden a  new pair.

Sunday was a pretty productive day  we went to lowes and picked up some paint to get rid of the hideous maroon wall that was in our living room! Our living room and dining room look so much better, it made me want to start organizing the house and getting rid of  stuff we don't use anymore. My husband should have painted that wall forever ago, it's crazy that just changing a wall color makes you like your house better and want to keep it organized.

Hopefully we will start getting warmer weather soon  I've kind of had enough snow for  the next few years!


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