Saturday, February 1, 2014

Play Date

Yesterday I had my nephew for the day while by brother was at work. Kaden loves his cousin and they are super close since they are only a year apart. My original due date for Kaden was actually Hunter's birthday. They had so much fun playing and chasing each other through the house. I did have to get on them a few times for hitting each other but hey they are little boys they are going to be crazy! Well anyway they watched cartoons for a good part of the morning and then they decided to get up and that is when my house looked like we had just been hit by a tornado. They drug out toys I didn't even know we had! Kaden was riding his scooter through the house while Hunter was chasing him on it. They had some dinosaur oatmeal, some dinosaur chicken nuggets, bananas, pop tarts I think that is all they did was eat when they weren't running through the house like animals! It was fun though Kaden got to have someone here to entertain him while I  straightened up the house and got some stuff done for people coming over on Sunday.

 Kaden doesn't like the peel on his bananas so he was taking Hunters off too
 They are silly boys

 They ended the day coloring and I had got some peace and quiet for about 10 minutes!


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