Monday, February 24, 2014

Our Weekend

Well let's just say it was an eventful weekend except for Saturday. Friday night we took the kids to run jump and play, Kaden loves that place! It is just a big indoor park with bouncy houses, swings, slides they even have a glow room with bowling and putt putt, Kaden only stayed in there for a few then it was straight to the bounce houses.

 Saturday Kaden was at my mother in laws house so Bryleigh and I had a quiet day at home and I got some work done around the house made some of Bryleigh's food for the next few days and Travis got home around 8:30 we just watched a movie and went to bed, I know exciting night right?!

 grabbing her diapers

 She did not want to get dressed!
I was so surprised I walked right by Bryleigh when Travis was holding her and normally she would throw a fit or start turning around to try and get to me but she didn't she looked at me and cuddled right into her daddy's arms and fell asleep.

Sunday was a pretty hectic day I was painting the kids chairs in the living room and I didn't even think to put the paint up when I ran in the kitchen to throw breakfast in the oven and no longer then I did that I turn the corner and Bryleigh is crawling toward me covered in paint brand new shirt, legs covered hands covered! Luckily Travis was in the shower so I stripped her down and ran her in there with him. I didn't know what to do about the paint I started scooping it up off of the carpet with my hands and then I grabbed the steam cleaner luckily we got it all up! I didn't get any pictures I was to worried about getting the paint off of her but I should have taken some. Then after the paint incident we all went out to dinner for my moms birthday. We ended up going to logans roadhouse, worst experience I have ever had at a restaurant. It took half an hour just to get our drinks we waited on our for an hour and a half and then to top it off when we did end up getting our food it was cold! They messed up orders they didn't cook stuff right my brother ended up just sending his steak back (he is very picky about his steak he literally just likes it to be heated up on the grill it's so gross) my dad's wasn't cooked right my moms food was wrong and everyone else's was just gross aside from being cold! We will not be going back to that restaurant . After dinner the hubs and I went to the gym we had to work off all those rolls  and peanuts we ate waiting on our food to come, kidding! Sunday is our usual gym day we like to go every other day. I hope everyone had a fun weekend.

This is the best picture I could get of him the whole night he kept covering his face or running away
Happy Monday


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