Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ice Skating

On Sunday we took Kaden Ice Skating with my mother in law and sister in law. He is definitely going to be a great athlete, at first he was a little unsure (even thought we took him last year) he just wanted Travis to hold him but once he got the hang of it he wanted to go out all by himself. It was a fun day Travis would skate on one side of him and I on the other but then he wanted to go off by himself of course we skated right behind him. The rink was so cold my toes were frozen by time it was over and time to go home! Bryleigh stayed all bundled up in her snowsuit with her Grandma and watched.

Travis used to play hockey so he trying to get Kaden ready for the ice and so far he loves it!

 hahaha I guess she was ready to leave!
 That's about the best picture we got of the three of us

Going off by himself!!


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