Monday, February 10, 2014

family night

During these cold months I am always trying to think of fun activities to do for the kids. I hate the days where it seems like Kaden just lays around and watches cartoons all day. Coming up with fun things for him to do is my way of getting him out from in front of the tv. In the summer we are constantly on the go so my husband doesn't see anything wrong with the cartoons but I beg to differ!

Here lately we have been making Valentines crafts, reading books, playing in the snow and having indoor picnics. What else is there to do?! Then I remembered making forts with my brother when I was younger and I love camping so why not make an indoor tent and some S'mores. Yum! We made an indoor tent out of blankets and Kaden's parachute from his gymboree classes a couple of years ago. We also threw some blankets and pillows in there too. We made Valentine themed s'mores with heart shaped marshmallows, we threw them in the oven on a graham cracker, broiled them and added some chocolate voila! indoor camping at its finest:) When we buy a house it will for sure have a real fireplace though because campfire s'mores are always better! We ended up only laying in the tent for a few but then we all cuddled up in the couch and watched Cloudy With a chance of Meatballs. It was a fun family night that's for sure.

He was a little too big for the tent

 They were very messy, the marshmallows were huge!



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