Friday, February 21, 2014

Bryleigh Rose

Bryleigh has officially been crawling for a couple of weeks now! I cannot go anywhere in the house without her crawling right behind me, she has to be right by momma at all times:) I love when she sees me stop and then she stops crawling real quick and tries to raise her self up she sits like a frog it is so adorable. Yesterday she even stood up on her own, She is going to be walking in no time and she isn't even 8 months, my little overachiever! Kaden walked at 9 months so she is going to be right on time with him or maybe a little sooner.

Cutest little baby butt
getting ready to stand!

Today I had to take Bryleigh to the doctor late last night I noticed her left eye was all goopy and a little red. I washed it with a warm wash cloth but then this morning we woke up and it was all red and puffy along with all the goo coming off of her eye. Of course I called the doctor and they told me to bring her in she ended up getting some eye drops for it. She is still such a little joy to be around she doesn't let pink eye stop her we just keep her eye clean and she is good to go! Kaden was at my parents house while we ran to B's doctors appointment so after Bryleigh and I headed to homegoods since its just right up the street, I ended up getting the cutest baskets (I am basket obsessed) and they both together were only $22 score!! 

 Having a snack waiting on the doc

 She looks like such a big girl!

my new baskets:)

Funny little story this morning when I was getting Bryleigh out of the bath I seen something white on her gums I thought it was a tooth coming in but no I rubbed it and it was just some of her leftover slobbery cheerio.


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