Wednesday, February 5, 2014

7 months

This little girl is 7 months old

Age: 7 months
Favorite foods: still loves sweet potatoes, any kind of fruit, gerber puffs
She tries to reach for the spoon when were feeding her, and if were not feeding her quick enough she yells at us she is so funny!
Clothes: She is wearing 9 month clothes now, some are a little big still. We just went and got some new spring and summer clothes, there are so many cute things out right now!
No teeth yet
Activities: She is mobile she gets all over she doesn't really crawl completely yet but she scoots on her butt and she does this little thing where she lifts herself up and moves her butt. She has her own little ways getting around! 
She plays in the teepee with Kaden, and her activity garden she plays on the slide to the activity garden now (it is a tiny slide that is attached) and she loves anything her brother is playing with.
Words: Still saying dada and babbling, working on mama!

It's amazing to me everyday how much she is learning and doing different things. She has started to pick up Cheerios and her puffs all by herself, she used to pick them up but couldn't figure out how to get them off of her hand into her mouth(that was super cute watching her do that!) She tries to stand up from a sitting position, my little over achiever she does pull herself up on her toys. Anytime her brother is around she likes to scoot over and play with him and mess  up his train  tracks, I have to get  onto him though  he sometimes yells at her and will rip the track out of her hand, and so the fighting begins! She is at one of the most fun ages my husband even says she isn't so boring anymore. He always thinks our kids are boring until around 6 months but they were also attached toe until then Bryleigh will finally let other people besides me hold her for longer then a minute although I have to be in sight!  I have a feeling she is going to be walking soon  just by how she pulls herself up on everything and  she has started playing with her walk behind toy today. I don't know if I am ready for all of that! She is growing to quick I love this little girl so much and I am so lucky to be her mom and get to see all of the wonderful things she does everyday.


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