Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter blues

This winter has been awful, a couple of days it wasn't even safe for anyone to be outside for longer than a few minutes, they said frostbite could set in!! How crazy so we definitely did not get out of the house we made a lot of hot chocolate and watched some TV. Although I love snow the first couple of days it is falling I am ready for summer to come back into my life after those first few days! Winter just makes me feel so blah especially when we are all going stir crazy being stuck inside except for the occasional errand to the store or when we go to the gym. I am beyond ready to be sitting in my backyard watching Kaden play on the swing set or driving his power wheel truck with a lemonade in my hand or a margarita {the one cold things I do like:)} Bryleigh will be turning one on the 4th of July eve! although that time can go by slow I don't want her to grow up too fast:(! She is going to be up running around the yard with her big brother, I'll be chasing after two toddlers. We are also getting season passes to Kings Island and the beach water park we get them every year and we love to entertain so we always have the grill fired up. Can't wait to be sitting outside eating food right off the grill it tastes so much better.

We have been having a lot of indoor picnics.
This crazy little guy wanted to go outside and play in the snow (he lasted about 5 minutes and came in saying he was cold.)
Everyone down south enjoy the warmth we have more snow coming!


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