Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sick day

We have all been fighting chest colds runny noses and achy bodies, my poor husband has had it the the worst with strep throat and the flu. He's been in bed for the past three days! Is it summer yet?! I hate being stuck inside but it has been so cold and snowy I can't take the kids out. Especially since everyone is sick. Bryleigh's little cough is so pitiful I feel so bad for her I can't stand seeing my poor babies sick. It has been kind of nice staying in our Jams and being lazy. Kaden has found a new favorite movie The Iron Giant which I use to watch all the time when I was younger,hing we've been cuddling up on the couch watching it about 9,000 times! Hopefully we will all feel better but we will still be stuck inside since we have a lot of snow coming we are going to get 4-8inches! Guess we better stock up on some hot chocolate and enjoy all the cuddles.

Even sick she is still a happy girl


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