Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Transitioning from bassinet to crib

Bryleigh is officially sleeping in her crib every night. I love her bed from babies r us. I knew right when I walked into the store this was the crib I wanted for her nursery. We thought it was the perfect time to get her sleeping in her bed because she was getting a little to big for her bassinet and the fact that she would wedge her self up into the top and bury her face in it. I think the transition might be a little harder on me, I must have separation anxiety or I am just that crazy mom! It feels weird with her being in another room even though her room is just right across the hall maybe I have watched one to many lifetime movies. She seems to be doing pretty well she is still sleeping the same as she would in her bassinet. She gets up around 2:30 in the morning to eat a little bit and then goes right back to sleep.

 Now it is time to get Kaden sleeping in his own bed, we have been trying that for awhile now and nothing is working. We put him in his bed at night and we wake up and he is sleeping in the middle of us. He has gotten so good with sneaking in there he doesn't even wake us up anymore. He just might be sleeping in our bed til he's a teenager. Just Kidding! Hopefully in the next week or so he will stay in his bed all throughout the night.We knew we did  not want to start that with Bryleigh, she goes in her bed every night. Hopefully since he sees his little sister sleeping in her own bed he might start doing it.

She woke up and caught me taking pictures of her


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