Monday, January 27, 2014

Snow Day....again

It is still winter around here and it is freezing. The temperatures today are supposed to drop down to -15 really?! We have had enough of this dangerously cold weather. It has been my excuse to just sit around, be lazy and drink a lot of hot chocolate. Yesterday was actually not to cold, Kaden and Travis got out in the yard and built a snowman and played in the snow. Bryleigh and I stayed inside, kept warm and made some lunch. Kaden loves the snow he doesn't care how cold it is outside he just wanted to go out and play he even tried to run out the door with no coat on!!

 We had a pretty short weekend just because of the dangerous temperatures Travis has had to work more, he only had Sunday off,  we need a long weekend here soon or to move to Hawaii ;) I would be happy with that. I have been able to get more things organized being trapped inside, our kitchen cabinets and all the drawers we just throw junk in have gotten cleaned out next is Kaden's room, I swear I clean his room everyday but two seconds later you can't tell, he is a mini tornado. Now we just need to paint his room and finish painting the house (we will get to that eventually). Everyone stay inside and keep warm if you have the insane weather we are having.

Enjoy your week!
xo Ashleigh


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