Thursday, January 30, 2014

Making Crafts

The other day we made some Valentines crafts, Kaden even made an early Valentines card for Travis. It was so cute the whole time he was making it he kept saying "daddy is going to love it". He loves arts and crafts he could paint and color for hours. Yesterday we decided to do some painting we had to do something to help with this major cabin fever over here. He is going stir crazy being inside so much, he is a  hyper little boy so I'm ready for spring so we can go outside and let him burn some energy!

He decided he was fed up with the paint brushes, threw those and just used his hands and then painted himself
(he went straight to the bathtub when he was done)
The final masterpiece
We will probably be painting and coloring again today. Hopefully we can sneak outside for a few during Bryleigh's nap 
Xo Ashleigh


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