Friday, January 31, 2014

Fun in the snow

Since the weather lately has been -17 degrees being in the 30's yesterday felt like spring (it was still freezing but we had to get out of the house) so we took full advantage during Bryleigh's nap and Kaden and I put on our layers and went outside in the snow. He loves it, and of course he went straight to his truck but since the ground was pretty much frozen it just sat and spun out.


He got bored with the truck real quick so we went to play on the swing set not caring at all that he is getting his little butt all wet from the snow covered slide he was having a blast running from the swing set slide to his other slide in the yard and in between those two he found some of his toys that were buried by snow for about a week! He sat his little butt down in the snow and was digging up snow with his tractors and putting some in his dump truck.


He finally got cold and was ready to go in to warm up and of course I had the hot chocolate maker turned on while we were outside. Coming in to warm up with a nice cup of hot cocoa was just fine with me:)! Bryleigh woke up shortly after that so we all snuggled up and waited for Travis to get
I hope everyone is enjoying the snow as much as this little guy


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