Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Since it is still to cold to take the kids outside and play I have been trying to De clutter my house room by room during nap time. I started in the kitchen because the cabinets were getting a little out of control especially the kids' cabinet. I have organized drawers, closets and attempted to tackle Kaden's room! I need more shelves and bins for all of his toys, we really need to get rid of a ton but every time I put some in a box to get rid of he gets a hold of it and acts like it is his favorite toy (even though it was probably in the bottom of his toy box for months!) The color of his walls also needs changed its a dark blue, that was the color when we moved in I'm not a fan of dark colors in bedrooms.

 Kaden likes that he can climb up on the counter and pick out which plates and utensils he is going to use

 One of the best purchases I got that easel for $10 bucks at Ikea, they had a discount if you had their membership card but it is regularly only $15 that is why I love that store!
He stores all of his cars and train tracks and the toy box

The next thing I really need to clean is the hallway to our front door, how our house is set up we use our backdoor so that hallway tends to get neglected we actually still have Christmas boxes just sitting there that just need to be taken to the basement.My husband has a long weekend this week so I am hoping we are going to get a lot crossed off of our list like painting the maroon wall in the dining room that was also there when we moved in. Bryleigh's room has been the only room that the paint is officially done and that's because I wanted it done before she was born.
I want to get more of these jars they are great to use all over the house
I will do a nursery tour soon!

Xo Ashleigh


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