Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A little late Christmas

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Ours was wonderful, I love seeing Kaden's face light up when he walks into the living room and realizes Santa has been there. Bryleigh even had a good time trying to open her presents even though she would rip a piece of paper off and put it straight to her mouth. The kid's big gift was a tee pee from Moozle Home I wasn't to happy when my husband and I went to put it together on Christmas Eve to find one of the poles split in half! I'm hoping they will send out a new pole because other then that the kids love the tee pee it is so cute. Kaden is one of the sweetest little boys ever he kept finding his presents around the house and I had told him they are for other little boys so anytime we went to a store he was putting toys in the cart saying we have to get them for the other boys and even on Christmas he asked if we took them their presents. We ordered Bryleigh a Radio Flyer walker wagon, its the cutest little wagon especially when we sat her in it and Kaden was pushing her around the house she loved it she sat in there forever and you better believe I took a ton of pictures! I'd say my kids had a very good Christmas we had Christmas morning at our house and then around 1 we went to my brothers house to do Christmas with my parents my brothers kids and my sister and her kids. This year was so much fun since Kaden is getting older we made it look like Santa tracked in snow when he brought the presents we sprinkled flour around my husbands work boots when we lifted them up it looked like his footprints Kaden got a kick out of that and we also took a picture of the boots in the chimney like we caught santa leaving it was all worth it seeing his eyes light up! Now that Christmas is over I am ready for some warm weather now hurry up summer.


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