Friday, January 10, 2014

6 month favorites

Bryleigh is 6 months old already!
She is just such a great baby, always smiling and babbling definitely a momma's girl which I love. I took her to the doctor yesterday and she is 17lbs my little chunker she also had to get shots poor baby she is crankier than ever today because of it. Usually my husband and I take the kids to their checkups together but yesterday he had to work and I had both of the kids there for Kaden's yearly and Bryleigh's 6 month checkup and oh my goodness was that a nightmare. One Kaden has been sick so when he says he has to go to the bathroom you better get him there now! As I was signing them in the stupid lady at the desk wouldn't quit talking to me about paperwork and Kaden is standing under the counter tugging on my leg saying he has to go finally I told the lady I have to take him to the bathroom just to get her to shut up, well it was to late he had the poop face and he said I already went when I asked him if he was ready. He hasn't had an accident in a long time so he kept saying I mean to which he really means he didn't mean too I felt so bad for him he was walking all funny into the bathroom and luckily I had an extra pair of undies for him because I know how he has been feeling. We went into the bathroom and cleaned him up and then all hell broke loose, he didn't want to put his shoes on he wanted to climb all over everything and check out every room he even pulled one of the decorations off the ceiling in the room they put us in. He would not leave the hand sanitizer alone but I guess that's my fault because I am always using it the nurse finally said do you want me to take that out of here. It took and hour and a half at the doctors when it should have only taken about 45 minutes! Well now that you have heard how crazy it was at the doctors office I will get to what Bryleigh is into now that she is 6 months old. My baby girl had to have 3 shots so she isn't really into much of anything today because her poor little legs are hurting her but on a normal day she loves to play her favorite toys are these little blocks from toys r us cute little blocks and this cute little vanity.

Age: 6 months
Favorite foods: loves loves loves sweet potatoes also strawberry banana and apple pureed together. If she had teeth she would probably eat anything we put in front of her anytime we are eating she is watching every move and even tried to grab our forks or spoons
Clothes: she is in 6 month clothes, I love shopping for her clothes baby gap and carter's is our go to stores they have so many cute things in right now!
Bryleigh is also teething no teeth yet but she is drooling like crazy and she loves her teether blanket
Activities: She loves to sit and play with her toys and her brothers toys but he doesn't really like that too much here lately, she is trying to crawl she gets herself all over the floor by scooting. She is trying to pull herself up on things not like the couch or anything but if I am sitting next to her and she wants something I have she will grab onto my arm and pull herself up so she can try her hardest to get it.
First words: she says dada and all kinds of other baby babble
I love this age its like in between where you have to chase them everywhere and just laying around sleeping all day. It's amazing seeing the new things she does each and every day.


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