Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Every year I am always hoping that we are going to have a white Christmas and this year I thought we had a chance because of all the snow we have already had. But no! of course yesterday was 60 and rainy?! All of the snow is gone and it is supposed to just rain and rain and rain. Ohio never knows what it wants to do. Anyway Saturday night we had our ugly Christmas sweater party, I loved seeing everyone show up in their ugly sweaters it was so funny. We had awards for who had the ugliest Christmas sweaters and the runner up. My aunt ended up winning but she had a whole ugly outfit she went all out from her hair to her shoes! I got the kids ugly sweaters to but once they were on them they weren't that ugly the kiddos made them look cute!

He said mommy take my picture! 

 The best peanut butter fudge ever made by my mom I probably ate way to much of it
 This dip is soooo good! The recipe is super simple
3 jars of old English cheese
3 things of cream cheese 
garlic powder to your taste (we use a ton!) that's it and you just cut up bagels to dip in it.

Ugly Sweater Cake don't mind the little finger print in the corner my son didn't want to wait for the party


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