Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our home has been a mad house lately between taking the fall decor down and bringing out the CHRISTMAS boxes I can't catch up on the cleaning or laundry oh well we've been drinking plenty of hot chocolate and enjoying the Christmas movies :) Yesterday we did some festive crafts! Kaden made a marshmallow snowman (he kept wanting to eat the smellows as he calls them). Of course he has his Santa cup of hot chocolate next to him. We still need to put up our Christmas tree if I could get the hubby to bring it up from the basement. I'm hoping Kaden won't play with it as much this year since he broke most of my ornaments last year, and he will have a cute new felt Christmas tree to decorate as many times as he wants.

Have to throw a picture of Bryleigh in too even though she didn't get to participate in the marshmallow snowman making.


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