Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Behind the blog: How well do you know me TAG

I have never done a post like this and thank so much to Jasmine (Jasminemaria)  for tagging me to do this post. Thesauri some of my favorites to read because you actually get to know other bloggers on a personal level rather than just what they are writing about.

What is your dream vacation?
I would have to say my dream vacation would be Bora Bora. Everything about that place intrigues me. The bungalows right on the water the mountain views, how you can look straight down into the water from your bungalow. What is not to love about that place?! It is definitely on my bucket list for sure.

What is your favorite dessert?
I really really really love key lime pie. I could seriously eat it every day. It's sweet but tart. I always get it at red lobster and any other place that has it and luckily Publix sells it by the slice:)

Favorite beauty holy grail?
My favorite holy grail beauty product would have to be my lip love from Urban Decay. I always have to have a chapstick on me at all times and lip love is the only thing that really conditions my lips and keeps them soft. I cannot stand for my lips to be dry at all so this stuff is awesome.

Leggings or Jeans?
I like the way jeans look better but I love how comfortable leggings are so I always try to find leggings that look like jeans ;)

What kind of cuisine do you enjoy eating?
Mexican food is my all time favorite. I consume way to much chips and salsa but I am super picky my salsa has to be authentic not that stuff you buy in the grocery store. Tacos beans and rice are my favorites after my moms steak burritos they are delicious. Now I want some of her burritos!

What's the best book you ever read and why?
The best book I ever read I think would have to be Harry Potter. I know this is going to sound weird but I first read these books when I was about 9 and that is what really opened up my love for reading. I thought it was so cool I was reading these huge books and then I would want to finish them so I could start a new series or book  and I still love to read. I do need some new book recommendations so what are you currently reading?

What show are you currently binging on?
I just finished The Flash. My nephew actually started watching it while he was down here and got Kaden hooked and then I got hooked on it. Not the typical show I would watch. Season 3 starts in October and I cannot wait.

What's your favorite season and why ?
Season two was my favorite because it really started to get more action and had a lot of suspense.

Do you enjoy watching scary movies?
NO I do not enjoy watching scary movies. I used to when I was a teenager but I am to big of a chicken now and then scenarios play in my head like what if something like that would happen!!

Male crush celebrity?
Chris Evans. I remember when I first watched him in Not another teen movie and then he was a badass in Captain America. We currently watched him in the movie gifted he is just such great actor

Now I am going to tag:

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Monday, August 21, 2017

No more Pizza!!!

This weekend was all about relaxing at the pool and really spending quality time together as a family.  Moving to Florida has really drawn us all even closer together than we were before because we literally are together 24/7. No mamaw and papaw down here for the kids to ask constantly if they can go to their house and the kids are even closer. They play together all the time and I love that they have become best friends, although they do still fight constantly but hey isn't that what brothers and sisters do. Since we spend so much time together we are always looking for different things to do and since we have moved to Florida we have literally explored the 100 mile radius around us. This weekend though we wanted to stay close to home and just relax so we headed to the local swimming pool. We  spent all day Saturday at the pool and then stopped to get some movies from the redbox on the way home. Normally we just buy on demand movies buts $6.99 adds up pretty quick. The kids had so much fun at the pool, Kaden is becoming such an amazing swimmer he just runs and jumps in 11ft of water like it nothing. He had to pass the swim test before they would let him go down the slide because it shoots you into 11ft of water. Bryleigh wanted to go down the slide so bad, she is a pretty good swimmer but she can't keep her self up that long and especially in that deep of water by herself so she wasn't to happy with that, I wish they would have let Travis or myself go down the slide with her but I guess they have rules for a reason. Bry has learned to swim under water, I was actually watching the bucket list family and I saw how the dad was teaching his kids to go under so I started to do the same. You would be amazed at how quickly a girl dives under water to save her baby dolls, we started on the first step and she just kept going deeper and deeper. It was the cutest thing hearing again, again!! 

Sunday we did the exact same thing pool and movie. We had to go to a different pool though because the one we went to on Saturday is closed on Sundays.  We headed up to Punta Gorda and the water in that pool was ice cold. Literally every time I had to get out and then get back in it took my breath for a minute and the kids just jump in like it nothing. We played basketball in the water, Travis and Kaden raced swimming laps and I tried to race Bryleigh but if you get in front of her at all she says your cheating (I guess we shouldn't let her win at everything because when she loses now she thinks everyone is cheating haha). They finally opened up the diving board which is what Kaden and Travis were waiting for, Kaden jumped in line and jumped right off into cold 12 feet of water and he just kept jumping over and over until they closed down the pool where the diving board was. I don't know why they only leave it open for 30 minutes. We got to swim for a little bit longer until it started lightening. 

Travis and I have been talking about getting strict on our eating habits we have really slacked a lot lately, so we said Monday starts a new day. No more cheating except on cheat days. There is a pizza place here that has flavored crust and I've really been wanting to try it but they didn't have dine in and the kids wanted to go somewhere and eat so we went to Joe Daddys pizza. It was our first time there, its a brick oven fired pizza place. We got the Hawaiian pizza and it was good but it wasn't the best, normally I love hawaiian pizza but there was some kind of weird seasoning or something on it so when we have another cheat day I want to try the regular pepperoni and cheese because I do love brick oven fired pizza so hopefully it is much better. The people at this pizza place though were so sweet. The guy making the pizzas came out and talked to us while our pizza was cooking, I'm pretty sure he was the owner. He just talked to us about Florida and where we moved there from and we found out him and his family actually moved here from Philly. We all agreed we do not like the cold!

So here is to a healthier lifestyle, today starts a new eating plan. I don't want to say diet because it isn't really a diet its a lifestyle change. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Pops of Color

When we moved to the Florida I didn't wear makeup for the first like month we lived here. For some reason I was just in a funk and was tired of doing the same makeup looks over and over. I really think that time off was good for me because now I'm back in the mindset like I used to have where I can just grab a palette and create a look I haven't done before. I am also trying to use palettes I haven't used in a while so I pulled out the Anastasia Beverly Hills world Traveller palette. This is an oldie but a goodie, the shadows are so pigmented and you can literally create a super natural eye or go full glam or a pop of color.  I went with the pop of color and used the shadow as liner.

I Primed with Urban Decay primer potion and then I took a large fluffy brush and blended Morocco all over, I wasn't precise with this color at all. Morocco is a beauty burnt orange color so if you don't have this palette you can use anything close to this color.
With a smaller fluffy brush I picked up fudge and blended that more into the crease only. I wanted that detention and the brown really added that in. That is it for the shadow now is the tedious part I used the blue shadow but not for packing or blending on the eye. I picked up a liner brush and used Azure (a beautiful almost royal blue) to create a dramatic wing.
This was a super simple eye look to create.
coat lashes with mascara throw on a set of falsies and thats it for the lid. Now for the lower lash line I took a pencil brush and blended morocco and then took a flat detail brush and smudged fudge along the lash line.

Products used:
Urban decay primer potion
Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow couture|World Traveler palette
Urban Decay perversion mascara
Urban Decay perversion liner
Ardell lashes (wispies)
The Brow Gal powder/pomade trio
Smashbox primer oil
Lancome teint idole foundation
Tarte shape tape
Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit
Tarte tarteist amazonian clay blush palette (I only used the highlight)
Rimmel london sculpting palette coral glow 
Gerard cosmetics lavender  setting spray
Urban Decay Vice liquid lipstick crimson
Urban Decay vice special effects top coat copycat